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Saturday, June 11, 2005

The wind put a smile upon my face

Yesterday was a good day. I went to visit Tiffany in the small but cute town of Fenwick and from there it was on to Canada's Las Vegas — that's right, nothing cheers one up better than a trip to Niagara Falls (seriously, I heard from a reliable source there is something in the water that makes people happy).

But it was the wind that made me laugh...and laugh...and laugh (I know — I'm mean).

Upon leaving the Hershey store without making a purchase (unbelievable but true) I was feeling slightly blue when my always observant eyes caught sight of a girl wearing a skirt riding a little high in the back. Not one to walk away from making a judgemental comment about a stranger I promptly pointed out the fashion faux pas to Tiffany adding something along the lines of, "if the wind starts blowing her skirt doesn't stand a chance." To which the wind promptly obeyed by blowing up the twirley black skirt to reveal blue underwear. I couldn't contain myself, I burst out laughing and then the wind blew again and I laughed again and then the wind blew it up again and I let out a another gleeful laugh (well, you get the picture) all while walking along one of the tourist destination's busiest streets. We made sure to stay well back so the poor girl couldn't hear the sound of my joy at her expense. Once I gained control of my laughter I turned to my smiling friend and said, "at least she wasn't wearing a thong." Perish the thought!


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