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Friday, August 19, 2005

Change of plans

Serves me right for being excited about my upcoming vacation.
I got a call from my flight operator and apparently the airline decided to cancel my return flight! My choices: come home a day earlier ('cause sure three and a half days would be enough time) or two days later (more vacation days would be required) or full refund. I spent the next hour at work checking other airlines (pay $700 to go somewhere that was supposed to cost me $530 - not likely) and then found a flight departing two days earlier and returning one day earlier - the times suck (who am I gonna get to pick me up at Pearson at 2 a.m.?) and it cost a bit more - but it would have to do. I called my little brother in Van and he ok'd the changes. All is now set (well, I still have to fax said operator my cancellation in writing to get the refund) and it better not need to be changed again! Grrr.


  • At 9:35 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    2 am solution: airport taxi.

    It only cost two of us $40 to get out there from Ajax at 4am. Surely it'll be cheaper from Scarb...

    Glad you got your flight worked out, although it sucks to have to change things in the first place (WestJet! WestJet!)



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