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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Quality journalism

Just read the first part in a great New York Times series about lifers in the U.S. prison system. And, wow, I knew Canada was different than the States when it came to justice, but wow. There are prisoners serving life sentences in some states for crimes such as theft because of a three strike system. -- these people will never be paroled either. While up here women who confess to taking part in the murder of two young girls get out after 12 years and people who murder as teens are out before they go grey.

Isn't there an inbetween where criminals would be punished but also get a chance at a possible second chance?

One man in the story was 15-years-old when he shot and drowned his girlfriend. Granted, this was a horrible crime and he deserved to be punished, but now he's 50. He's learned several trades while in prison, as well as earned an associate degree. Let him out already, he's served his time. Even the victim's father is advocating for his release.


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