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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

"Gimme a 'P'!"

"Gimme a 'R', Gimme an 'E', Gimme a 'V', Gimme an 'A', Gimme a 'C',
Gimme 'I', Gimme 'D'
"What's it spell? PREVACID!!!"

Apparently cheerleaders make good salespeople, specifically pharmaceutical sales reps.

From the New York Times:

Some industry critics view wholesomely sexy drug representatives as a variation on the seductive inducements like dinners, golf outings and speaking fees that pharmaceutical companies have dangled to sway doctors to their brands...

"They don't ask what the major is." Proven cheerleading skills suffice. "Exaggerated motions, exaggerated smiles, exaggerated enthusiasm - they learn those things, and they can get people to do what they want."

Approximately two dozen Kentucky cheerleaders, mostly women but a few men, have become drug reps in recent years.

They even have Miss Florida USA.


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