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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Paris Day 6 (aka I wanna go home)

Sunday, Oct. 23

There are no pictures because we didn't do anything except travel to the airport.

This only thing of note that happened on my last day was despite how much I enjoyed Paris I wanted to go home. We took the metro to where you transfer to the REF (GO equivalent) train to go to Charles de Gaulle airport. The only problem was we couldn't find where to buy the train tickets. After asking a few people (and about 15 minutes) we finally found it, but by this point I was so frustrated I just wanted to be back at home.

Because of the ticket confusion we arrived at the airport just two hours before our flight. Then we had to take a bus to our gate and then when we finally found the Air Canada counter there was a HUGE line (poor service, no matter which country it is operating in. Gotta love our national airline...). We checked in a mere 35 minutes before our flight was to take off (and still had security and the bathroom to visit). We made it through in time (I even had a chance to use my change to buy a pack of Lion chocolate bars in the duty free shop. Lion=Mr. Big, but I didn't know that.) In fact we stood around waiting to board our place, but first a trip on another bus to get to our plane. We boarded it using one of those rolling staircases (I'd only used one of those in Charlottetown and its airport is the size of a one floor elementary school). We took off late and made it home safely on time, surprisingly.

I'd been planning on taking this trip for two and a half years. It was worth the wait. I had a GREAT time.

Next up it's back to Vancouver for little brother's wedding!


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