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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Paris Day 3 (aka I like French food - if it's chocolate)

Thursday, Oct. 20

First on our list this morning was a trip to a French perfumery. I shoulda skipped it, but I didn't want to be left out. I stayed away as the other girls oohed and ahhed over the different smells and then joined the guys outside for some fresh air. (perfume gives me an asthma attack)

After that we ditched the group and Cecilia and I headed to Montmarte, which is a little arty area in Paris. It's full of narrow streets and it's at a higher elevation than the rest of the city. Isn't this a cool subway sign?

Look, you can pee right on the street in Paris. For 0.40 euros (maybe it was 0.60).

We walked by the cemetery, but had no time to visit the dead.

We had a mission: to visit this big, beautiful church (re: all the church pictures. I'm not religious. They're just pretty.) From the steps of Sacre Coeur you can get an awesome view of Paris (notice the sky, it was another day of unpredictable Parisian weather).

After the church it was time for lunch. We decided to sample some traditional French fare: crepes. Mine had melted nutella, yummy. We bought them in this area.

After lunch we shopped at the enormous Galeries Lafayette. We split up after the purses and I made it all the way to the roof where you can get some decent views as well. (notice the clouds) I also got to use my French here (in the store, not on the roof).

I mentioned the size of this store, right? There are six floors of shopping in the building I was in and then those buildings on either side of the street are the men's department and another area.

I went to the Champs Elysees after that. The most famous avenue in France.

From which you can see the Arc de Triomphe. I didn't shop. I had to get back to the hotel.

I had to take the metro All. By. Myself. I did it and without any problems. This is the view at the stop where I transferred. Pretty, huh?

And what did I have to get ready for? A trip to the Moulin Rouge. This is the famous French cabaret during the day (taken around the same time as the toilette).

This is it at night. The show was great. I saw the can-can and a woman slithering around in water with two snakes. There were also some funny parts. Dinner was pretty good. I had the fish. The show and dinner were 130 euros, which included half a bottle of wine. I don't remember taking this picture...Must have been after the show (and the wine).

After three and a halfish glasses of wine and some champagne (and a tiny meal), I thought it would be funny to take a picture of Cecilia while she wasn't looking.

We listened to Lady Marmalade in the bus on the way back. I was kinda sad when we got back to the hotel because some of the new friends I had made were leaving the next day for Rome or Amsterdam. But not me, I had two more fabulous days in Paris.


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