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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

London Day 2

Sunday, Oct. 16

We were up bright and early for our English country breakfast (beans anyone?) before heading off to Stonehenge.

It was very nice and full of tourists just like me playing ring-around-the-rocks (I learned today that not too long ago you used to be able to touch 'em, but not anymore. Now people are kept about 15 feet away through the use of a very thin rope...maybe it's magical). I apparently found this mysterious location hilarious.

After buying a delicious warm apple scone (I *almost* got cheese, so glad I didn't) it was back on the bus for a drive through the beautiful English countryside.

I attempted to capture the narrowness of the English roads with a photo, but it fails to illustrate what it is like to drive on narrow, winding, hilly roads in a big bus. We saw sheep, maybe I'll show them to you some time later.

And where were we going on our big bus on the little roads? To the beautiful spa town of Bath.

That's the Avon River and this is the Bath Abbey.

In Bath I skipped lunch (so very unlike me) to buy chocolate (so like me) before visiting the Roman Baths

The water was warm and apparently you're not supposed to touch it...I did. There is photographic proof. Just not here.

After arriving back in London we found out where to get some traditional English fish and chips and it was off to Shakespeare's Head (it says so on that tiny sign above my head).
The fish and chips wasn't that great, but my drink (WKD) tasted like blue freezie with vodka. Mmmmmmmmm. I had two (was tipsy)...was going to get another but my crew wanted to leave.


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