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Friday, October 07, 2005

A new power

I can now determine the sex of babies in utero.

Carly and her uterus decided to take a second stab at the sex determining ultrasound yesterday and this time the bladder co-operated. Better still the nice technician told her the classified information. A few minutes later I got a call at work.

Me: Newsroom, Danielle speaking.
C: Hey.
M: Hey...?
C: It's Carly.
M: Oh, hi!
C: You were

I'm not a nurse, a doctor, a mother...What do I know about pregnancy or babies? NOTHING. But, that didn't stop me from knowing.
Yah, so I had a 50-50 chance of just guessing the right sex. The point is: I. Was. Right.

For the record.
The number of times Danielle was:
right about something: 59,476,183,072 + 1
wrong about something: 6


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    Carly and Baby


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