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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Let the games begin!

I don't play sports and I don't watch sports, but for two weeks every two years I'll sit glued to the TV watching the Olympics. I'll watch speed skating, cross country skiing, bobsled, moguls - just about anything, although it helps if there is a Canadian competing. I'll check CBC online throughout the day and read the sports section for the first time in 18 months.

Maybe I've just bought into all the Olympic buzz or maybe it's because there are so many individual sports and it's just the athlete against themselves. Either way it's addictive because I don't know who these people are or understand their sports, but that doesn't stop me from being invested in their performances (I was so happy to see Jennifer Heil win the gold in women's moguls live this afternoon).

Or maybe it's just cause during the last summer Olympics my obsessive TV watching paid off by me winning a spa vacation at Mont Tremblant with Olympic diver Emilie Heymans...


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