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Sunday, February 05, 2006

My two cents

I normally don't see movies because of "the buzz," but I made an exception this time around.

With all the critical praise and award wins/nominations "Brokeback Mountain" seems to be the movie to see. However, it was the reviews from two women I work with that pushed me over the fence. In one corner the young women who said nothing happens except "angry man sex" and who believes all those who say they like it really don't like it (or get it), but they want to be part of the crowd so they say they get it and it's wonderful. In the other corner a 66-year-old Catholic woman who attends church every Sunday and who liked the movie, even though she thought she wouldn't.

My verdict: it was moving and visually beautiful. Yes, nothing happens, per se, but at the same time the actors (mostly Heath Ledger, but also Jake Gyllenhaal) are able to convey love and longing, at the same time as the characters' shame and inner struggle. I normally don't 'get' arty, award-winning type movies. But I think this time I did and it was pretty good.

(Kudos also to the person behind the score. I hardly ever notice that aspect of a movie, but when there are this many scenes without dialogue it's hard not to and this one was good)


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