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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Mr. Prime Minister

My covering of the federal election campaign took an unexpected turn this morning, Prime Minister Paul Martin decided to make a last minute photo op visit in Ajax this morning and I was sent to...well, I got to stand there with a bunch of members of the much-higher-paid national media and watch PM PM make chit chat with three-year-olds who didn't give a hoot about the strange old guy talking to them while they were trying to put together their puzzles.

But, it was interesting to get that close to the national campaign. Despite what the polls are saying, Mr. Martin came across as personable and relaxed. He was even making jokes. He looked nothing at all like the haggard old man in the Conservative ads. Say what you will about the Liberals and Mr. Martin and the (pretty much) inevitable loss on Monday, he hasn't given up yet.

Either that or our Prime Minister is one fine actor Canada...


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