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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

And Canada makes three...

After years of debate about the issue, the House of Commons legalized same-sex marriages tonight joining Belgium and the Netherlands as the only countries to have done such. I applaud the 158 MPs who voted in favour of the bill for the message they sent to Canadians and the world. Going into tonight's vote P.E.I, Alberta, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories were the only jurisdictions in Canada still denying civil marriages to same-sex couples so for the majority of Canadians there is no change. What's important is the message tonight's vote sends: Canada believes in equal rights for everyone.

Like extending the vote to women or equal rights to minorites, this is an issue of equality and human rights. It took strong outspoken people to change those injustices and now if anyone were to suggest taking them away the vast majority of people would scream discrimination. In time I hope the same happens when people talk about same-sex couples not being allowed to marry and then the people who fought in favour of this bill and the MPs who voted in favour of equality will get the credit they deserve.

Hopefully this decision also means the name calling and attacks will stop. The sky didn't fall tonight...


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