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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Double $tandard

Today the McGuinty Liberals announced they would spend $6 million to protect areas of natural heritage from Peterborough to Ottawa. In the official release it reads, "Because 90 per cent of the land is privately owned, the program will engage landowners in protecting natural areas by: Providing a $6-million grant to the Ontario Heritage Trust, in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, to acquire and secure significant natural heritage properties..."

Huh? I'm pretty sure the land in the Golden Horseshoe included in the province's greenbelt passed in February is privately owned too. Those owners weren't even consulted (unless you count large public meetings, mostly held in areas not even directly affected by the legislation, i.e. Toronto), let alone given any compensation. I'm not saying I'm not in favour of preservation but how about some equal treatment Dalt...


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