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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Squirrely story

Background: We live in stacked townhouses, the upstairs unit has a balcony that hangs over our yard, a squirrel was seen entering said balcony with nesting items, my mother got property management to send someone to close up squirrel hole, maintenance man said no babies would be in said hole.

Begin: A day after the hole is covered I see mama squirrel clinging to balcony, scratching at the cement. I find this odd so I fetch my mother. Mama squirrel is really digging now and what does she pull out, one of her babies of course. My mother felt horrible - thinking she might have been responsible for the death of some baby squirrels. All guilt was assuaged when I came home from Habitat to find this. I hate squirrels (icky rats with furry tails), but this one is kinda cute. S/he tried to fall asleep in our screen door (the bottom is broken and there is just enough space to cling to) and then after a little while decide to explore, including rapelling up the side of our doorway.

We don't know where s/he went but it was spotted following a neighbour to the driveway and up until a few minutes ago I could hear the schrill sound the furry-tailed rodent makes. I hate that sound...Hopefully mama comes back before baby gets hurt.


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