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Monday, December 05, 2005

Shopaholic's back

After many (many, many) months of only buying souvenirs and electronics, and wondering where my desire to buy clothes went I am happy to report IT'S BACK (well, happy until I get this month's credit card statement).

While shopping for a wedding gift for David and Shelly (photos to come tomorrow) I happened to walk through the women's clothing department at The Bay and I found The Cashmere. I'll admit I'd never really touched the cashmere before and I'd definitely never tried it on. This time around I ignored the $90 price tag for the sweater and thought 'what the heck?' (The condo fund has already been blown with my jet setting anway...). I liked it. A LOT. I bought one (it was 40 per cent off). Now I want the black turtle neck. And maybe a pink sweather. And a scarf. And some matching gloves...


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