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Saturday, May 06, 2006


I do not exude confidence. I do not think I am the most beautiful girl or the most talented, but damnit I think I'm kinda smart.

Apparently Ryerson University disagrees. "If you've been accepted to another school, you should take the offer," advised the woman on Thursday when I inquired if my application had been looked at yet (!). Apparently good ol' Rye High doesn't give a hoot about references and resumes and that statement they make you include with your application if you don't have an 'A' GPA. I got a B+ people, from what many (seriously, it's not just me) would describe as one of the harder programs to excel in at Ryerson.

I am sad. But also angry!
(And also in denial, because I refuse to believe the rejection until I actually get the cursed letter).


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