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Sunday, April 23, 2006

The service

(In an effort to achieve the 10 posts I promised for April, I give you this rant).

Everyone gets bad service - the waiter that is unattentive, the waitress that messes up the order - shit happens. No big deal. But, in the past two months I think I've been witnessing the eradication of any kind of service that could be deemed "good" or "quality." I don't know if I've been cursed or what, but here are restaurant experiences I've had while out with friends.

  1. being sat next to the rotisserie oven - so I could get a tan with my teriyaki chicken (this was coupled with the "forgetting" of one of the ingredients in my dessert and inattentive service)
  2. screwing up my order and offering no apology for having to remake it, which left my friend and I eating essential on our own
  3. a waiter who brought our order to the table and then asking, "is there anything else I can get you." "Yah, how about some napkins and maybe some utensils." My friend also had to get her own condiments, which the waiter made no attempt to bring her...
  4. A restaurant so understaffed for the dinner shift, 1/3 of the tables were empty (meaning a 20 minute wait) and our waitress seemed like she was training for the speed ordering category at the restaurant server olympics
  5. cold, tiny and sad looking portions (this one was added to round the list out to five).

What does this list tell me?
Maybe that I need to go out to nicer/non-chain restaurants (well, #3 didn't happen at a chain) because my last two Friday night dinners have been excellent in both quality and service (but then, I didn't pay for those...)


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