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Friday, March 31, 2006

Ride'em Copper

Last night I saw a sight usually reserved for downtown Toronto or a riot protest at Queen's Park.

Driving home along a residential section of Kingston Road in Scarborough I noticed a reflective thing in the distance. It was too high up to be a runner. As I got closer, I saw it was a Toronto police officer on horse back. Judging from the death of the beloved Brigadier just 10 minutes up the road last month, the mounted cops are a presence in the neighbourhood. It was odd nonetheless.

I wanted to document the odd sighting so I rushed home (because a cop on horseback is really going to be able to catch me speeding...) and picked up my camera and headed back outside to make sure I hadn't missed him. I stood there for a second eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse and finally he appeared. Turning at my street! I turned the camera on, but the batteries were dead. I fumbled with the next set as I looked up to see him trotting down the driveway of my townhouse complex. That set was dead too so I turned to make my way back into the house, but as I did the officer and his trusty stead trotted on by and the officer gave a friendly wave before continuing on his way.

(For my friends who are tired of coming here and seeing the same two week old posts, I make a pledge to you: in the month of April I will make at least 10 posts)


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