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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Rent - the movie?

I'm obviously behind in my musical-to-movie news...I had no idea Rent was being made for the big screen. It hits theatres Nov. 11. The story of people struggling to make it in New York City is a special one for me because it was the first big musical I ever saw (despite growing up in Toronto I never did see The Phantom). It was August of 2003. Carla and I travelled to NYC for four short days. Our seats were horrible, but the show was great. Afterwards I even got a picture of me with, Matt Caplan, a member of the cast (the lead geeky guy in glasses). I'd post the pick but it's film and I don't have a scanner...

I fear Rent will go the way of Chicago with the movie version not quite measuring up to the real thing...


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