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Monday, August 22, 2005

Squirrely story pt. 2

See first part below
Unfortunately squirrel 1 was a little too brave for her/his own good. Just a short while after the previous post, s/he was found runover in one of the visitor parking spots - I know, that's gross but also sad. (There is no photo).
But then Sunday this cutie was spotted sleeping by our barbecue (my mom thought s/he was dead but as we looked closely we could see breathing). This one was less amusing: no rapelling, no exploring. S/he did attempt to walk but wasn't very good at it so instead decided to continue sleeping, which is what s/he was doing the last time I checked him/her last night. This morning s/he had passed on to baby squirrel heaven (squirrels go to a hell).

For the record, I did call the City of Toronto animal people yesterday to try to help the poor, abandoned creature but was told, 'maybe its mother was trying to teach it how to walk...how to fend for itself'. They also said if s/he was still there in the morning they'd come get it. My mother called back today and was told they had to tend to the sick animals first. It was sick yesterday, where were they?

I just have to keep telling myself it was going to turn into an evil adult squirrel and s/he died young while s/he was still young - like James Dean and River Phoenix - and cute.


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