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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Vancouver vacation - Day 6

  • forgot to post this pic I took Thursday night of downtown Van from Lonsdale Quay - I know it's blurry

  • walked around (central library - pic below - it has a roof top garden, although it's not open to the public, and free internet) and finally tried a hot chocolate at Blendz (it wasn't that good and it cost $4 for a small). The Canadian chain is everywhere (as are Starbucks) but it's damn hard to find a Tims and there are no Second Cups. Not One!

  • checked out (see hostel below), took public transit (love that most buses are electric, like streetcars) to the airport (only 40 minutes) and flew back to T.O. (that pic is somewhere over the B.C. interior...sadly, no pic of mountains)


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