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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Wedding photos

Saturday, Dec. 3, 2005

David and Shelly got married. In North Vancouver, British Columbia. (All of the GOOD photos of them in the traditional wedding attire were taken with black and white film...)

My mom and I were there (I don't know why my hair is so BIG. I think it has something to do with the water in Vancouver, it gives it more body...)

After the ceremony, pictures and dinner, there was The Cake. Before the eating of The Cake there was the traditional cutting of The Cake.

And the traditional smooshing feeding of the cake to your partner. (The bottom layer was chocolate...mmmm.)

My little brother then attempted to dance. He can't. I don't think the height difference helped. (Yep, she changed for the third and final time before the dancing started).

This was followed by musical performances by Shelly's cousin Emily and Dan, who wrote an original song for the event. I went to high school with Dan and this was the first time I'd seen him in three years (he's friends with David now...weird).

Then there was the bouquet toss (yah, I caught it). In between all of these activities there was vodka. The smile on my face was as a result of the vodka, not the catching of the bouquet...

After all the formalities were over (and in between all the drinking) there was dancing including this amusing number by the best man Chris (left), Dan (on his head? The garter. He caught it.) and Paul (I think that's his name...) They'd probably be angry if they knew I posted this photo on the internet - oh well, they won't know.

You'd think it was my wedding, what with all the photos of me. Well, it wasn't, but this is my blog so I can post whatever I want. Plus, I think I look kinda pretty in this photo (and am made more so by the fact Dan looks goofy - in a good way).

This is Dan's girlfriend Kim. The drinking helped us to become fast friends and dancing buddies. (Does that photo make my head look big?...or is it the hair?) I don't look drunk at all, do I?


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