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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Summer the bad

Normally I like summer (when it isn't 35 degrees with a humidex of 43 and smog that makes the sky look like it has jaundice), but there is a funny thing about the change of seasons in Canada and that would be the change of wardrobe. And how it can make you feel about yourself, a feeling I've been stuck with since the mercury hit the 30 degree mark yesterday: the frustration and shock of pulling on a summer skirt for the first time since September and finding the zipper will barely make it to the top.

It is just unfair to go from your fall/winter/early spring pants that are a half a size too big (which encourages the eating of dessert, timbits, fried foods, etc) to pulling on a the shorts you used to be able to nearly pull off last year without unzipping them and finding the button won't make it into the hole without squishing the hibernation flesh you used to keep yourself warm during those minus 10 degree days of just a few months ago.

I curse you summer and your heat that makes one want to eat nothing but ice cream because I can't, I have to go live in the gym for a week.

(Pictures from Quebec City tomorrow or possibly Thursday, as I've become neglectful...)


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