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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Goodbye Rainbow Valley

A month ago, learning that the long standing Prince Edward Island amusement park Rainbow Valley was closing at the end of the summer wouldn't have brought a tear to my eye. For years I lived with the memory that I'd gotten my arm stuck in a turnstile at the park when I was about five or six years old (no, I was not a stupid child...). It was a frightening experience made worse by the fact that my parents were no where in sight when it happened. But recently I learned that incident actually happened at another Island park. So with that memory confusion cleared up, I am now sad to know one of the landmarks of Cavendish is closing its doors forever. No more will I drive along the main tourist drag and see the castle nestled among the trees and I guess I'll never again shop at the flying saucer gift shop. Where will Island children go now to celebrate the end of another long school year? Goodbye Rainbow Valley, I'm sorry about the mix-up...We could have had so many new memories together.


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