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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sly foxes

In my day, Brackley Beach, PEI was a nice, quiet and safe place where you didn't need to worry about your shoes or purse being stolen...by foxes.

From CP
Foxes stealing sandals, rummaging through purses on P.E.I. beach
BRACKLEY BEACH - Beachgoers in Prince Edward Island aren't just worrying about people walking away with their sandals or rifling through their beachbags as they splash in the water.
A family of foxes living near Brackley Beach, in Prince Edward Island National Park, is at it, too.
"This year we have a family of foxes that have become habituated to humans - likely from feeding - and they're hanging out on the beach and getting quite close to humans," Darlene Upton, a spokeswoman with Parks Canada, said Saturday.
"They have been reported to steal sandals, sniff around purses and take any food that's handed out to them."

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