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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Extreme annoyance

The Extreme Fitness 'feedback' section on its website doesn't work so I'm gonna get out my frustration here.

I 'won' a three-month membership back in March, found out in a phone call and when I returned said phone call the dude never called me back. No biggie, I had like seven months left on a membership at another gym I'd already paid for anyway. Fast forward to August and another dude from EF calls to tell me about my win. After some phone tag we set up a time for me to see the gym. Time is cancelled due to hectic/erratic rowing schedule; can't reschedule until after Vancouver (ahhh, happy memories...). Monday night I finally make it in to claim my winning. They make me wait 10 minutes -- that's ok, it's not like I told dude #2 I had a limited amount of time as I was working or that I had to be at a council meeting in 13 minutes. Dude #3 comes to finally greet me. He's all friendly-like with his 'welcome to the gym. Do you currently train?' (Does, uh, going once in the past month count?) Then the detail every other dude until now has left out: it's three months free of a 12-month-membership. Then as if nothing has changed he attempts to lead me into the land-o-buffpeople. Seeing as I have about 11 meetings left before I gots to be somewhere, I cut to the chase. Exactly how much is your membership? Oh, they're $49, $59 and $69 a month. To which I reply by bolting. Some prize -- $450 for a one-year-membership. My current one only cost $300 and that was for 13 months!

Since the feedback section doesn't work, I'll have to use the *gasp* phone to complain...or hope this rant was enough to let me forget my disappointment about the sham that I thought was me finally winning something.


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