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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Whaling good time

On Day 3 of our trip we went whale watching in a tiny zodiac (of which I took no pictures of) off the little village of Pleasant Bay, Nova Scotia. It is right on the Capot Trail in Cape Breton.

The tour offered a money back guarantee if you didn't see a whale.

I was sure we would see something like the image above or below and then we'd putter around the water for an hour before heading back to the harbour without actually seeing any whales.

I was wrong. Look how close they got to our little boat. That image below was taken without much use of the 'zoom' feature on my camera.

The back of the beautiful pilot whale. Digital point and shoots and whales don't mix. Delay bad. Whale fast.

There wasn't just one whale. There were many. At one point about seven.

Finally a head and a blow hole. See it?! Of course you do, because it is sooo close. I was very excited because as a child I was so enamoured with whales I wanted a minature one as a pet (my brother lied and told me there was such a thing) and I wanted to be a marine biologist or the person who rode the whales at MarineLand when I grew up.

We also saw this moose on the side of the road on our way to whale watching. We never did see a bear, even though we were in "bear country."


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