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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A tale of two shoes

Every once in a while my career as a community newspaper reporter allows me a brush with fame: Paul Martin, Joe Thornton, Eric McCormack and '90s supermodel Cindy Crawford. I was to interview the former Mrs. Richard Gere about the re-launch of her furniture line at the Brick (oh, how the mighty fall...).

I didn't really care too much about it, I mean it's not like it was Luke Perry or Gavin Rossdale or some other 90s celebrity that I used to fantasize about making out with. But, it was Cindy Crawford so I thought I'd put a bit of extra umph into my wardrobe that day. I had the perfect new shoes: the faux snake skin pink Nine West flats I got in Las Vegas (for the low, low price of $29.99). One problem: they hadn't been worked in and well, they make me bleed. Solution: wear my black flats on the drive over and do a little switcheroo right before the interview.

Of course I'm running late (as usual) so I speed along the highway and get stopped at a light. I pull into a spot, grab my purse and notepad and sprint into the store. She's running late. OF COURSE SHE IS! I have some time so I chat with the photographer. He looks down. "What's going on down there?" he asks pointing to my feet.

OMG!! While stopped at the light I used the 10 seconds to slip my non-driving foot into a fab pink shoe. I never did slip my right foot into one. I am wearing ONE PINK SHOE and ONE BLACK SHOE! That is not exactly the fashion statement I wanted to make. I blush and then make a mad dash to the car to retrieve the matching shoe. I dash back and have enough time to compose myself before it's my turn for 10 minutes with Ms. Crawford.

Crisis averted. Of course the photographer and I have to share the story at the office Monday and I am slightly mortified.

All in a day's work...


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