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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Is the universe trying to tell me something?

I have come to the conclusion no good can come from going to the gym (unless you catergorize such things as better muscle tone, improved cardio strength and a smaller you as "good").

This is why. Ten days ago I'm driving home from a workout at the aforementioned no-good-can-come-from-visiting it place and bam! I hit a giant pot hole (it was more like two - one right after the other). This was followed by funny steering, which I later learned meant flat tire. (The second in the past six or seven months. Ugh!).

See*: (this is all I have left of the pretty rim as the shady men who fixed the tire didn't put it back on tight enough and somewhere between Hwy 7 and home it made a break for it.)

Reason #2:
I head to the gym a few days ago only to fine my gym has been a bad, bad gym and with held rent from its landlord until some repairs were done. Repairs still need to be done, only now the gym is nice and empty, giving the repair men people plenty of room to work. My gym's been evicted and I have no where to exercise. This after I'm signed up for the CN Tower stair climb! I see a future of extra pounds and laboured breathing for me. And, yes, the membership had been paid in full. Until November!

*In related news, did you know if something happens to you or your property on City property (say a flat tire on a city road currently undergoing construction...) you can make a claim? Well, you can.


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