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Friday, November 17, 2006

Trading spaces

Tired of dark blue walls I impulsively decided to paint.
Step 1: mess up room with rearranging and purging. (And no, that is not my bed. And no, it does not have a mattress...)

Do you see these walls? Blue acrylic paint, that's what that is. It would take primer and paint to make that a distant memory.

The painting had a two fold purpose. 1) remove the Blue 2)transfer this furniture from the tiny room to the slightly less tiny room. Don't judge. What decorating options are there when you have a queen size bed in a 10x8 room? (For full before, imagine crap on bed on floor).

I optimistically believed one coat of primer and two coats of paint would do the job. I was wrong. Three hours later the two coats of primer were finished and I was ready for my before bed daiquiri.


(Yes, the sheets match the wall. That was not intentional.)

The hard work paid off. See the pretty light purple wall (Arcadian Blue). Please, ignore the wood panelling closet doors. There is only some much transformation one can do in a weekend. Also notice there is floor space (yes, there is also carpet that doesn't match, but there is no tripping over piles, risking injury or death to pee in the dark of night.


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