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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Entertaining TV

I went through a "Deal or No Deal" obsession. Then the Canadian version was announced (the chance to win a million dollars, tax free no less!). I read the application - it was long. It required a poem - or a rap (yeah right!). Plus you had to disclose if you knew anyone who worked for Global, the production company, etc, etc. Since I knew someone on the crew (Devin), there was no way I was going through all that work just to be disqualified. (I am lazy. I can admit it). Then I was watching an episode, with it's perky, bubbly, outgoing contestant. She jumped around and had a lot of spunk. I don't have much spunk. I'd be quiet, nervous and shy on national TV. This coupled with the laziness and the knowing of Devin confirmed to me I was not going to fill out the application.

After attending a taping of "Deal or No Deal Canada" I am so glad I didn't spend the time applying because there's no way real people stood a chance of making it as a contestant. The first contestant to take the stage during the marathon taping I attended Thursday had personality, spunk, and a hook. Two words for ya people:


(you should totally watch the Cdn episodes, I suspect it will be worth it).


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