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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Travel update

So a few months ago I went to this little thing called the Olympics.
Vancouver 2010. It was pretty sweet.

The best part?

Having to stand and hear my country's anthem played not once, but three times. I personally was in the stands for THREE of Canada's gold medal wins. So exciting.

There was the gold by Charles Hamelin in the 500 m men's short track event and the bronze by cutie Francois-Louis Tremblay in the same event. Which the boys followed up with a gold in the men's 5000 m relay. I love short track.

Then there was the gold by the men in the ROO - Richmond Olympic Oval. It was a pretty uneventful showing for the men on the oval, but they pulled it together for the last event and crossed the line together ahead of the Americans to win gold.

The aerials were also pretty cool, but I could have done without the hour of waiting and the two hours on buses to get to Cypress. But, at least there was snow.


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