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Friday, August 26, 2005

Free eats

As I began munching on the little chocholate pellets in the fondue bag (I don't have anything to dip so no need to melt), I thought of all the food that gets sent to us at work:
  • there was the fondue stuff (I was only interested in the chocolate)
  • the bottle of grape juice (apparently the 'new' thing was that it's good for your heart)
  • the Laura Secord chocolates that lasted about a minute
  • the big jar of olives from a pizza joint (it is still in the fridge)
  • and today, four lunch mate thingies (you can see we have no interest in the accompanying press release)

The free stuff is great, but do marketing people really think sending one box of miniature chocolates to a newsroom of six people (a few were away) is going to generate a story?...From a community newspaper? Keep it coming though, maybe we'll have a really, really, really slow news day sometime soon.

But the real issue to ponder: should I be eating things that have been mailed to us...? Munch, munch...


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