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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Bloggin' bout Baby

I've meaning to write about this subject for-ever but there were always other things to post so tada: the post about my knocked up friend.

First of all. OMG, baby clothes are sooo cute. I felt like such the grown up to be out with Carly earlier this week looking at baby stuff (note to self: bunnies, dogs and airplanes). Since she is my first friend to bring life into this world, her baby is getting more attention and will get more presents than any future friend's spawn will. That's just the way things go. She is the first, and for satisfying my innate curiousity about all things pregnancy she will be showered in presents (maybe showered is too strong a word...for sure there will be more than one).

For nearly 20 weeks (I was one of the first people to know, yeah! And thank you Eric and Carly for making Baby so I got the balloon ride), I've been asking her almost daily how she is doing, if she can feel the baby move, what the baby moving feels like (poke). I asked her about morning sickness, food cravings and well, you get the picture. I'm been annoying, but also interested. Can't help it, apparently I'm fascinated by the miracle of life. Fascinated by the thought that there is a person growing inside my friend. I know it sounds like I'm eight and I'm all "there's a baby in Carly's tummy" but hello, there is A BABY INSIDE CARLY. A little person with a head and arms and legs. See, look:

I can't wait till Baby starts kicking....Let's see, what could I say to Carly to facilitate the need for me to drop by her house.
  • (first one is easy) I have to return your book
  • I need to borrow your book again
  • I'm gonna return your book
  • Want a present?
  • I want to feel Baby kick
  • I want to see imprint of Baby's foot through your stomach
  • Let me feel Baby kick!

Note: Carly has a pregnancy blog but I don't know the address so I will link to it tomorrow. C, hope it was ok I used Baby's picture...


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