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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Flip fun

I wanna be a flipper.

In June I discovered the TLC show Property Ladder, where regular people buy a run down house, establish a budget and renovation timeline (which are always wrong) and then flip it for a handsome profit. I was enthralled and wanted to do it too. I'm not so sure the same profit margins would exsist in the GTA though...Maybe I don't really wanna be a flipper, but rather would just like to make $125,000 after two months work.

Recently, I found Flip this House, which follows a company that not only sells real estate but also flips. It's a little less fun since they typically know what they're doing so there is no calling them stupid for thinking they can renovate in four weeks a four-bedroom house that needs a lot of work and they only arrive on the job site at noon, which is what happens on Property Ladder.

Anyway, they're both fun shows and they fill the renovation void left by Trading Spaces, which I am so over.


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