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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Sleepy head

Decided I have insomnia after four straight nights of lying (laying?) in bed for a minimum of an hour and a half before falling asleep (constant thoughts run through my head as I lie awake). Am super tired right now but do ya think I'll be able to fall fast asleep when I put my pretty little head on the pillow? Probably not...unless drugs are involved.

Wikipedia says:
Some traditional remedies for insomnia have included drinking warm milk before bedtime...avoiding mentally stimulating activities in the evening hours; and paradoxically, making sure to get up early in the morning and to retire to bed at a reasonable hour.

Do you think watching episodes of season 1 of Angel on DVD or the season premiere of Girlmore Girls count as "mentally stimulating activities"? Pretty sure my blogging and surfing don't...


  • At 9:58 AM , Blogger Vicki said...

    If you consistently have problems sleeping, you might want to try high potency vitamin B complex. It was prescribed to me by my naturopath, who explained that birth control pills sap it out of you. The vitamin regulates your adrenalin, and keeps your energy levels more stable. Or so she says. I've found it helps, in any case, placebo or not. I get regular sleep and I've ceased having those strange panic attack moments. Talk to a naturopath - they might actually be able to help.


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