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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Blog cheating

I have another blog. It's for work. I don't think it can really be called blogging (because I don't think it's really blogging if you're have to do it, there's a weekly quota, and someone is editing your posts...). BUT, because I am ridiculously competitive (probably why I never played sports because I ain't so athletic and therefore would not have won) and my editor-in-chief has put up a prize for the site that attracts the most hits I've become just a little...obsessed.

But, it's hard to think of things to write about for an ELECTION blog. That covers one riding (a boring riding). Of which half is not in the municipality our paper covers. Needless to say, I am trailing to the...umm...election enthusiasts in Oshawa by A LOT (but am not in last place. Yeah!). My wit and intelligence is no match for the blog covering the riding that had the tightest three-way race in the June 2004 campaign.

I'd link to it here to attract another hit or two, but I'm not really interested in having my editors find out that I'm not new to this whole blogging thing and, more importantly, letting them in my head.

I have to go visit my other blog now...


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