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Friday, December 23, 2005

Good eats

There has been no blogging because I've been busy being Betty Crocker.

First there was the peanut butter cups.
A yummy idea I found here.

Then it was on to my traditional sugar cookies. Six dozen and four hours in the kitchen sound about right for yummy Christmas homemade goodness...

It wasn't enough to dye French vanilla icing (sorry Santa, I didn't mean to make you pink), I had to have some with sugar sprinkles. Some with red. Some with green. Some with a mixture of both. Overachiever? What? Me? Never...

And what's a girl to do with left over pink and mint green icing? I could think of only one solution. (I was on one wicked sugar high that night).

The peanut butter cups were such a hit I had to make more. I thought I'd make some with white chocolate, only I thought it wouldn't show up against the white cupcake paper...so I dyed it pink.
It looks weird, but it's yummy. You wish you had one, trust me.

Happy holiday eating!


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