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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Double dipping

Yah, so I already posted something on this in my other blog. But a gal can only think of so many new posts in a day and I'm busy getting my ass kicked in that contest I talked about (I think I'm in second).

Don't vote on an empty stomach

An interesting tidbit from the Did you know section? of the Elections Canada site

It is illegal to eat your ballot in a federal election or by-election. Six members of the Edible Ballot Society, a protest group, were charged after the 2000 election under paragraph 167(2)(a) of the Canada Elections Act for wilfully destroying a ballot; two were found not guilty for lack of evidence, and charges against the other four were stayed.
Lack of evidence...they should have waited for a movement in the case...What? Yah, I know lame, but I wanted to add something new to the post.


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