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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Three things...

I learned last week:
  1. Rogers on Demand is a wonderful thing.
  2. Temporary children's tattoos that came with gum for like a quarter still work 17 years later...and last about a week.
  3. I have an incredibly difficult time making REALLY big decisions and so change my mind, annoy my friends and family, and nearly make myself crazy in the process.

Not dead, just preoccupied

Despite having beautiful pictures of my vacation in PEI and lovely photos of my older brother's wedding, I have been neglectful of this site and generally MIA.

But, the photos they will be coming, as well as some from the Cabot Trail - where I head off to in just over a week.

Where I will not be heading anytime soon is Vancouver. After much consideration, headaches, research, stress and flip-floping, I have decided not to move to Vancouver to accept SFU's wonderful offer to study in the Master of Public Policy progam. It's really quite unfortunate for the blog though, it would have given me much more of a reason to keep it updated...