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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Day 2

I started my new job this week.

That means I finished being a community news reporter Friday. Last week was a sad one as I wrote my goodbye column, was sent off with a fabulous fete (and cake!), and went through three years of my work. I am a sappy sentimental person so moving on is difficult, BUT I am enjoying the new gig.

Granted, I have only spent two days in the cold (but beautiful) old house where I work, but they have been good days. (Yesterday afternoon, I also finally found out that I have a job title and what it is: Program Co-ordinator). I can't decide if that sounds like a step up or down...?

Now the list of how my new job is different:
  • I should start whenever is convenient for me, you know to avoid traffic and stuff
  • My supervisor says things like, "Make sure you keep track of your hours."
  • I spend far less time writing personal e-mails and surfing the net (will this change...?)
  • I constantly have something different to do. I didn't know how much I would appreciate this. Apparently I like change, who knew?
  • I was given a key and the security code on my first day - and left alone to use them! (I never got a key at my last job and as a result felt like a 16-year-old co-op student that couldn't be trusted with having unsupervised access to the computers).
  • We have a stove and dishes. Lunch will never be the same.

(Knowing me, there will probably be a list of "how my new job is different" Version 2: The Bad by the end of the month...Or at least a rant about why being a part-time freelance writer SUCKS!)