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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Older, wiser, fatter

So I turned 27 nine days ago (it's been a very extended birthday celebration - it lasted six days). I hate my birthday. It is always on/near Thanksgiving, which despite the lack of presents for this holiday it is still one and that means the day of my birth takes a back seat to all.

BUT, this year it was great. Greatness that involved tickets to Wicked; two (!) cakes; three dinners, one breakfast and a pizza party; CDs; a game of Trivial Pursuit where I was on the winning team; domestic-type presents; many cards; a walk at Rouge Park (one of my favourite places); gift cards; a poker tournament that I won; and many, many fabulous presents from a very generous boyfriend - and not one of them needed to be returned.
I. Like. Them. All.
Seriously...Shocking, I know.

(PS, Wicked is wicked awesome)