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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I'm on an island (it's a tiny one in Canada so no white sandy beaches or drinks with umbrellas for me). Prince Edward Island to be exact.

I am here for my brother's wedding (the older one this time). (If I ever wed, I think I may elope. Weddings are stressful!)

I have no access to a vehicle and while the City of Charlottetown did just recently get a transit service - it only has a whopping five (!) routes. This means I am essentially house-bound.

I can't really indulge too much in ice cream or any other vacation type foods because the dress for the aforementioned wedding is a size too small.

...I want another vacation when I get back from this one...

(I am enjoying visiting with the family).

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Quebec City

Better late than never...

I took a lot of pictures of a lot of different churches. Here is just one because they all kinda look the same at some point.

The beautiful and magestic Chateau Frontenac. Had I showed up at 2 in the morning the Delta would have cancelled my reservation and I would have gotten to stay there, but instead I got a smoking room.

One of the few pictures of me because I walked around alone most of the time and wasn't in the mood to talk to strangers. I got lucky and found my co-worker and had her walk around with me for two hours taking pictures at important sites.

The streets, they are pretty.
And oh so European.
(And also? apparently empty)

This just looks cool, right?

We visited the Sugar Shack for a traditional Quebecois meal, not quite what I was expecting. I did get to try sugar pie and it was too sweet for me (that is saying something). Then we went outside to have maple sap treats. It is poured on snow (I don't know where they got the snow..) and then wrapped around a wooden stick to become a tasty sugary snack.

I couldn't eat it.
So I played with it. It looks gross. And dirty, right?

So that was Quebec City. A beautiful place with lots of yummy food.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

It's official

Ryerson doesn't want me :-(

Cue The Clash.
"Should I stay or should I go" to Vancouver...

See all the chocolate I am not eating, despite my anxious and decision-making state. I totally have will power.

Well, that and the little problem of the increasing size of my ass (hips, waist, thighs, etc...). See the previous post.

And the pictures of Quebec City are coming. Also, they are not so good. Vancouver, Paris, London, every other photo I've posted of places - so much better.